Marshawn Lynch’s shutdown: Do fans even care?

Marshawn Lynch AP Photo

Marshawn Lynch
AP Photo

            Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch showed up for Super Bowl media day on Tueday and stayed just six minutes, uttering a few lines but basically talking to no one.

            Should the public care?

            I wonder about that. Reporters care. Editors care. Do fans?

            In the long run, I’m hoping yes. Publicity drives a lot of the popularity of major sports. It’s easy to say all fans care about is what happens in the games, but seriously, don’t people want to know what Lynch thinks about the big game? Or about his hobbies, friends or favorite movies?

            All I know is that without access, I wouldn’t have known Karl Malone once wanted to run for Salt Lake mayor. Or that RSL coach Jeff Cassar is far more emotional than Jason Kreis. Or that Marvin Williams is a truly nice person. Or that Jerry Sloan is capable of tears.

            And, most likely, neither would fans.

            A lot of sports websites don’t have access – and say that’s a good thing. But they get a lot of material from media outlets that have – surprise! – access.

            News outlets provide background material, atmosphere or analysis that are all driven by access.

            Do fans actually care?

            Let me know in a comment.

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