Jerry Sloan’s delayed respect

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            It happened with Rick Majerus, Karl Malone and now Jerry Sloan.

            All were appreciated more after they retired than when they were working in Utah.

            Or am I imagining this?

            I asked Jazz president Randy Rigby this week about it. His response: “It’s not until after someone’s career is over that everyone sits back. You’re in the heat of the battle, and looking at the immediacy of the next game and winning and all that — getting the team to the playoffs – so it’s not until after a person’s career is over that you step back and look at the totality of what it means to win 1,223 games for one NBA team.

            “How many coaching changes have occurred while this same man took this organization and team to the heights we were able to obtain? To me it’s remarkable.”

            Rigby said he recently gave coach Tyrone Crobin a ball to commemorate 100 wins.

            “It was fun to say to Ty we’ve got to get a place for 12 more of those,” Rigby continued. “It does take some time.”

            As for Sloan, he did what he always did – credited his players.

            “We had good players. You don’t win in this league as a coach. You might get lucky but you aren’t going to win unless you have good players first. This is a players’ league. It’s not about coaching.”

             For a look at Sloan’s approach to the game, click here. For a real old school look at Sloan, circa 1993, click here.

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