Did anyone actually listened to Sloan’s rants?

            Remember having your parents warn you about the same things over and over? Drive carefully, put on a coat, don’t be out late….

            You wanted to say, “Yeah, yeah, you’ve told me that.”

            Imagine being in Jerry Sloan’s locker room for 18 years.

            Long ago I was talking to a Jazz rookie who said he couldn’t imagine sitting through Sloan’s halftime rants for as many years as Karl Malone and John Stockton.

            Which made me wonder: how did they sit through those things?

            So I asked Malone about it last week.

Photo by Tom Smart, Deseret News

Photo by Tom Smart, Deseret News

            “No. 1, you have to have respect for your coach,” Malone said. “But every coach I always had it was ‘Coach.’ It was a respect thing. And then No. 2, a lot of people are probably not even sure Coach played the game; he was an All-Star.

            “So No. 1, that was my respect right there — that he played. He understood back-to-backs; he understood the travel.”

            Malone said he even calls current Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin ‘Coach.’

            “And I played with him,” Malone said.

            “So when I see a kid say, ‘I don’t know, ask Tyrone,’ mmm…it’s disturbing. But hey, what do I know? I’m a has-been. I did it a long time ago.”

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