RSL, BYU coaches don’t downplay expectations

One thing about a new coach is that sometimes he’ll say what he thinks. In other words, he won’t get overly cautious when talking about expectations. So it is with RSL’s new coach Jeff Cassar.

            Asked if his expectation is that the team should “pick up where it left off” — Real was in the MLS Cup Final in December – Cassar replied, “Without a doubt. This club wants to win championships and get back to that 2009 feeling of winning a championship.”

Photo by Tom Smart, Deseret News

Photo by Tom Smart, Deseret News


            So how close is Real?


            “All the pieces are here to do it now,” he said, “and the wonderful thing is there are a lot of the pieces that are here to do it here for a long time.”


            That’s pretty optimistic. But Cassar feels with the mix of veterans and rising talent, “it’s built for now and built for the future at same time.”


            He continued, “We’re not going to be perfect all the time, but with the character in locker room, we feel we have everything in place to get there at the end.”


            Coaches sometimes fuel the fire of their fans by making such claims. When BYU’s Bronco Mendenhall talked about winning national championships in football, he drew smirks from critics. But the fan base loved it.

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            Since then, the Cougars haven’t come close to a championship. Yet this week he said this could be BYU’s best recruiting season ever.


            Truth is, nobody wants to hear a coach say, “We’re going to be competitive. We’ll go out and do our best and see what happens.”


            Better to get the fans fired up, and possibly disappoint them, than to never voice expectations at all.




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