Autistic player, opponents get a victory to remember



            Lone Peak High School has won four straight 5A state championships in Utah boys’ basketball.

            Watching the news, last week, I heard one of the players call it “the greatest feeling in the world.”

            Well deserved and well said.

            But I’d suggest there might be an even better feeling in sports, if the chance ever came around.

            The situation was a championship game between Trinity Classical Academy and Desert Chapel High School, both small California schools. With Trinity ahead by 23 points, it subbed in Beau Howell, who is autistic. After calling time out — and despite the sting of losing badly in the title game — Desert Chapel’s coach instructed his team to allow Howell to score. Then Desert Chapel’s players guided Howell toward the basket where, after a couple of tries, he made his first basket ever, before falling into his teammates’ arms.

            That, I have to believe, must have been the greatest feeling in the world.

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