Intimidation overrated with Tiger, Jordan

            As if Tiger Woods’ image didn’t slide far enough with the cheating scandal, and the drop-off in major wins, now comes this: his former swing instructor says Woods didn’t actually intimidate people.

            In an article on, Hank Haney dismissed the perception that Woods in his prime merely psyched out his opponents.

Associated Press Photo

Associated Press Photo

            “I didn’t buy into that when people talked about it as much as people talked about it,” Haney said. “Tiger won because he shot the lowest score, not because he intimidated his opponents.”

            It reminds me of the time I got ripped by Hale Irwin at an event at Thanksgiving Point. I had brought up Woods and the way he had been playing, and that set Irwin off. His point was that Woods wasn’t the only great golfer out there.

            I agree with Haney. If you’re good in any sport, you probably aren’t worrying about intimidation by someone else.  You’re thinking about your own game. Michael Jordan might get the best of you, but did he psyche you out or just outplay you?

            I’m thinking in nearly all cases, Jordan was just better, not more intimidating.

            That was quite enough.

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