Sterling doesn’t end the story

The Donald Sterling drama is pretty much played out.

But having talked yesterday to Jackie Robinson’s daughter, Sharon, on Tuesday, I decided to include a few other interesting things she had to say, aside from what was in my column. She was in Heber City, representing Major League Baseball, in an essay writing contest.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 8.36.30 AMI asked her if the Sterling fiasco was a random incident or…

“No. He just happened to get caught in a private conversation,” she said. “Discrimination still exists. Women have the right to vote, yet we are still talking about their equality in jobs and pay. These are all ongoing issues. I see anti-Semitic things happening all the time. These are our life challenges and that’s why I love the work we do with Major League Baseball and Scholastic — because we’re talking to kids.

“Challenge is part of life, you can’t shy away from it, and you have to face it and deal with it effectively.”

Likable, logical, friendly and smart, it would be hard to find anyone better to get the message across thanĀ  Robinson.

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  1. Jack Olson

    If the question is regarding racism in the NBA are you limiting the question to whites being racist, or are you asking if there is racism in the NBA that includes blacks also. If Larry Johnson wants an all black NBA, then what about having two–an all black NBA and an all white NBA. Is that racism? Was Johnson’s commentary racist? There are a lot of “all black” organizations, especially on college campuses, that are completely condoned, but an all white organization would not be. When do blacks stop thinking they have a license to be racist and whites don’t. If we’re all suppose to be in the same boat, then everyone needs to live by the same boat rules.

  2. Mark Stoddard

    In the 60′s black couldn’t drink from the same fountain! So much has changed and gotten so much better. But some will whine forever and interpret normal stupid human behavior as racism. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it is because you’re a nut job. Sterling said a stupid thing. It’s tough to deal with stupid people and he’ll get what he deserves. But… he speaks for himself and to say that is a white thing is racist. Of course Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and especially L. Farakan say stupid things and they don’t lose their property.

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