BYU’s schedule an issue — again

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 8.22.53 AM            It has already come out that BYU athletics director Tom Holmoe hopes to meet with the Southeastern Conference about scheduling games.

            Good idea.

            Looks like strength of schedule is going to weigh heavily in the new college football playoff system, as expected.

            Selection committee member Barry Alvarez told’s Adam Rittenberg that a main criterion for choosing teams is the schedule.

            “It’s your win-loss record. Did you win a championship? It’s strength of schedule, it’s common opponents,” Alvarez said.

            As for conferences mandating eight or nine league games, Alvarez continued, “It’s not my place to decide what they want to do with their scheduling. That’s up to them. We’ve chosen to go to nine [in the Big Ten]; strength of schedule is a factor. If you’re not at nine then your non-conference scheduling is important.”

The SEC plans to schedule more games with opponents from other elite conferences. Whether BYU, as an independent, would meet the SEC’s needs is debatable. Thus, the issue of BYU’s scheduling again arises.

            With Middle Tennessee, Connecticut, Nevada, UNLV and Savannah State on its slate this year, the Cougars would have to go undefeated to even be considered in the current playoff system.

Take the poll to see where you fall on BYU’s position in college football.

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  1. 311 ute

    The writing is on the wall………BYU is about to get left behind. Make sure to dust of that 1982 trophy because it is all you will have left when you are left seating at the kids table.

  2. Todd

    BYU is not as popular as BYU fans believe. BYU does have brand awareness but it’s comparable to In and Out burgers, most people back east have no clue, those who have a clue have never tasted it, except for a few who have on business trips or on vacation. Perhaps over time, market share will increase……we just need to apply the three p’s…patience, patience, patience.

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