Why Jazz may prefer assistant coach

            Wondering why the Jazz appear to be leaning away from a high profile head coach to replace Tyrone Corbin?

            Here’s one plausible answer, via a well-connected source: the Jazz don’t want someone too powerful, i.e. Stan Van Gundy.

No one this powerful...

No one this powerful…

            The former Miami and Orlando coach was hired by Detroit, last month, as both the team president and its head coach. My source says the Jazz aren’t likely to do the same. This is general manager Dennis Lindsey’s team and he plans to build it. In that light, hiring a powerful former head coach such as Lionel Hollins, Jeff Van Gundy, George Karl or Alvin Gentry would be less likely than assistant coaches such as Mike Longabardi or Adrian Griffin.

            Where European coach Ettore Messina or former college coaches Jim Boylen and Quin Snyder fit into the mix is unclear.

            The gist is that the Jazz wouldn’t want a coach being so powerful that he can overrule management. That worked fine for Jerry Sloan. But Sloan isn’t around. The calls are now Lindsey’s to make.


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