Less famous Wiggins shows his style


            I have to say I was impressed with what I saw of Nick Wiggins at the Jazz’s workout session on Thursday.


            Not that I saw him work out. That’s off limits to media. But I saw him afterward. Since he’s the older brother of potential No. 1 pick Andrew Wiggins, I wondered how he would handle it all.

Associated Press Photo Joe DiMaggio and brother Dom

Associated Press Photo
Joe DiMaggio and brother Dom


            Turned out he did nicely.


            Asked about games he plays against his brother, Nick said, “Tough love. Elbows. The older sibling doesn’t want to lose. The younger sibling doesn’t want to get beat up on by the older brother.”


            I often admire how siblings of certain famous people handle it all, especially in athletics. When my younger brother got named to a Little League All-Star team, a few days before I learned I had made the team, I went outside and cried.


            When he beat me in basketball for the first time, I had mayhem in my heart. I did just what every older brother does when he loses: I demanded a rematch.


            At that very moment.


            Asked about similarities between the Wiggins brothers, Jazz scouting director Walt Perrin joked, “Last name.” But the elder Wiggins handled things well, apparently in the workout and certainly afterward with the media. He was upbeat, open and likable.

           I’ll be cheering for the less famous Wiggins brother to make someone’s team.

           (If you want to read about another Jazz prospect with fame in his name –or at least his initials — click here.)



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