Be kind to Jake Heaps


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Jake Heaps is the embodiment of wild expectations gone bad. He never panned out at BYU and now it appears he will transfer from Kansas and play elsewhere this season.

My expectations were pretty high when he came to BYU. Can all those college recruiters be wrong? He was the top quarterback in the country, coming out of high school. After he went to Provo, I thought the Cougars might have mismanaged and discouraged him. By the time he had moved to Kansas, I had tempered my opinion a little, but still thought he’d be a good starting quarterback. Now it appears he’s not even that.

But I maintain my opinion on one thing: he’s not a bad young man.

I say that because I haven’t heard him rip on Kansas, despite the fact he failed to succeed there. He didn’t blast BYU, either. How bad could he be?

Most people get terribly defensive when criticized.  Heaps has taken more criticism than anyone should have to, but has maintained his composure. He didn’t set the world afire, but he didn’t bring it down, either. By following him on Twitter and through interviews when he was at BYU, I’ve seen nothing to show he isn’t a fine person.


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I didn’t play with him, didn’t see him in personal situations. But at this point, I say leave him alone. I hope he does well. In the situation that matters most – showing class — he’s an All-American.

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