Should college sports exist?

A recent interview with Norma Carr, retiring athletics director at Salt Lake Community College, produced some candid thoughts on the future of college sports.

Among other things, she said, “I’m all for giving what are necessary educational expenses, but not for giving them everything they want in life, either.”

This came prior to an ESPN report today that said 60 percent of the nation’s top recruits favor unionization and 86 percent say they should get a stipend.

Carr, a pioneer in Utah sports, also had some interesting thoughts on coaches. While discussing the looming financial crisis in college sports, she said, “What’s even scarier…is that now coaches – particularly women’s coaches – are complacent. And if it were pulled out from underneath them, would they know how to fight for it?”

Carr went so far as to say “you have to admit education dollars are getting tighter and tighter and we’re being asked, ‘Why have athletics? Is it worth the price?’ I guess if you look at athletics as only educating the student athletes, there might be some validity. But there are far more things athletics do for an institution.  It’s the front porch of the institution. It showcases the institution. It also brings in dollars.”

Will women ever play in the NBA?
  • 42.86% - ( 3 votes )
  • 57.14% - ( 4 votes )
Who will be a head coach in the NBA sooner?
  • 37.5% - ( 3 votes )
  • 50% - ( 4 votes )
  • 0% - ( 0 votes )
  • 12.5% - ( 1 vote )


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