Utah QB says schedule really does matter

Remember when the rallying cry for the Utes and other “mid-major” schools was that they didn’t get the respect they deserved? They said they could only win every game on their schedule, and that should be enough.

Deseret News photo

Deseret News photo

There were even lawsuits involved.

Well, perspective can change quickly.

One ESPN.com writer rated Utah’s schedule the toughest in the country this year.

Now that Utah isin the Pac-12, difficulty of schedule and conference affiliation have become big deals. At least it sounds that way if you ask Oklahoma transfer Kendal Thompson, who has a chance to be Utah’s starting quarterback.

Asked this week if he likes playing the best schedule possible, he said, “Definitely. You go to some of those teams that play in a weak conference, weak schedule—I’m not calling any conference weak — but they might not play the same caliber opponent each and every week, week in and week out.

“You can have a 10-2 record, say,  and not have to face the Michigans, the Oregons, the USCs…so to have that type of schedule, I think we’re up for the challenge and I think we’ll be ready for it.”

He continued, “There’s no off-week. I wouldn’t want it any other way.I think we’ll be ready for it.”

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