Becky Hammon will thrive in NBA

Associated Press

Associated Press

Becky Hammon, the longtime WNBA player, has been hired as an assistant coach for San Antonio Spurs.

My first worry is that things could get choppy. There is no work environment more macho than certain professional sports. Having female referees is one thing, but having a female coach might cause some friction.

When Frank Layden coached the Utah Starzz, he admitted there was a big difference between the men and women. He seemed to feel the amount of yelling at players during practice was taken too personally by the WNBA players. Layden stayed as coach for fewer than two seasons.

On the other hand, a fair percent of NBA players grew up in single-parent homes and were  raised by their mothers, sisters or grandmothers. Those women, above anyone else, are the people the players most respect.

In that sense, I don’t think the hiring of Hammon will be the disaster some expect. If NBA players know one thing, it’s respect for a strong female figure.

Plan on Hammon having a successful run as a coach in the NBA

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  1. Mark Freckleton

    The players want a coach that can help them. If she has the expertise – and evidence indicates she does – that will give her access. If they sense that she cares about their success, they will easily accept her. She is fortunate to be with an organization with the quality of players the Spurs have and the rock-solid culture that the team has built.

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