Wiggins a star already, off the court


Andrew Wiggins is just 19, the No.1 pick in the NBA Draft.

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But from what I can tell, he’s already acting like a man – which you can’t say for a lot of NBA players.

It has to be hard to get the attention he has, at such a young age. But after being drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers, it appears he’s about to be traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves, so the Cavs can acquired the coveted Kevin Love and, theoretically, win a championship.

Wiggins has a great future, but championships are about now, and with LeBron James and Kyrie Irving already in place, waiting for Wiggins to develop isn’t necessarily the best move. Love fills a need and he is in the prime of his career.

Speaking publicly for the first time since the trade news broke, Wiggins was diplomatic and smart. He didn’t sound bitter, insecure or cocky.

“Whatever happens is out of my control,” he told reporters. “I’m not worrying about it right now.”

He went on to say “there’s more eyes on me, more criticizing, stuff like that” since he’s the No. 1 pick, but added that playing at Kansas for a year helped.

Seeing how he has handled all the draft hype, and now trade drama, indicates that while Wiggins’ game might need some polishing, he’s well ahead of the curve on handling the distractions. He hasn’t whined, complained or made harsh, defensive statements. Nor has he criticized the team that drafted him, then immediately started shopping him.

Wherever he ends up playing, Wiggins will do just fine.

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