Bronco Mendenhall, Matt Wells: causes beyond football


Bronco Mendenhall has often gone where most coaches don’t.

He has referenced Book of Mormon warriors. Last fall initiated the slogan “Tradition, Spirit, Honor,” to be worn on their uniforms. There’s more. On Thursday he took another bold step by calling out media members by name and challenging them to donate and/or participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise funds for his favorite charity, the Holly and Bronco Mendenhall Foundation, benefiting Thursday’s Heroes.

I didn’t know what he was doing when I first saw it on Twitter. But after watching video on some of the families Thursday’s Heroes helps, I was fine with it. It seems a great cause to support. So I’m doing this, donating to the foundation.

I’m hoping those who read this blog will, too.

Later on Thursday I saw that Utah State had initiated its own Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness of ALS, “Lou Gehrig’s Disease,” another great cause. Coach Matt Wells and others underwent the ice dunking.

Give credit to these coaches for illustrating issues outside football that deserve attention. From my own personal experience with Wells and Mendenhall, it’s not something they felt they had to do. To me, both seem truly grateful for their lives and committed to helping others. I can’t imagine a better way to use their positions for good.

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