Mitt Romney getting delayed credit


A Boston Globe columnist apologized to Mitt Romney for being hard on him and saying Donald Trump has made the former presidential candidate look good.

Now there’s another reason to admire Romney’s competence: the Olympics.

Deseret News photo

Deseret News photo

Stories are saying the Rio de Janiero Olympics aren’t ready to go. Case in point: Australian athletes have refused to move into their housing, saying conditions are “unlivable.”

Among the reported shortcomings: leaking pipes, exposed wiring and even sewage in the showers.

Meanwhile, two weeks ago an AP story said an oil slick had appeared at the venue for Olympic sailing.

While U.S. officials are downplaying the problem, saying it’s the normal pre-Olympic issues that arise, I don’t think so. Did anyone refuse to move into housing for the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake?

Romney had Utah’s Games ready to go, on time, clean as a whistle.

It’s true that each time the Olympics come around, there’s a lot of panic about readiness. But few if any Olympics were more prepared than Salt Lake, under the direction of Romney.

This week, the former BYU student is getting deserved credit.


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