Barkley great choice for “Race Card”

Charles Barkley has been tabbed to host a TNT show on race and culture in America,  called “The Race Card.”

The show promises to be fascinating, because that’s what Barkley is. No commentator in America is more interesting on race than Barkley. He is an African-American man who married a white woman. He has been talking about race for years in various forms, calling out hypocrisy, but also addressing injustice. Most of the time he’s funny and insightful.

Best of all, he can say what few of the other commentators can, and pull it off. That’s because he does it with candor and humor. He makes people laugh, but it’s not mean spirited.

He can also be serious, like during a recent appearance on “The Dan Le Batard Show” on ESPN.

Having been in on Barkley interviews when he was a player, I always found him smart and uninhibited. I expect him to be the same on his new show.

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