World domination is my dream, too, K.D.

I see where Steve Kerr says it’s “absurd” for fans to revile Kevin Durant over switching from Oklahoma City to Golden State. I agree. A guy changes jobs. Move on.


Associated Press

Associated Press

In particular nowadays, claims of disloyalty seem misplaced. In the NBA, moving around is justified because teams aren’t necessarily loyal to players.A player can pass up an opportunity in order to stay true to his team, then be traded shortly after.

People expect blind loyalty to a team when a team may not reciprocate. (Admittedly that likely wouldn’t have been the case with Durant in OKC, but still..)

Mostly, though, I don’t understand why people are so against “super teams.” Doesn’t everyone imagine star-studded lineups and wonder how good they’d be?

I don’t buy the argument that it’s anti-competitive and dishonorable to assemble super teams. It’s called competition. That’s the objective — to build the best team possible.

Sorry, but I can’t wait to see what Durant does with the Warriors. Maybe they’ll go 82-0.

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