Making sports writing good writing

I always considered my job great, but not for reasons one might expect.

For me, it wasn’t being around sports every day as much as being around writing.

I bring this up because I am seeing increasing numbers of sports enthusiasts getting side jobs with fan websites. But the draw to them isn’t the writing; it’s the fandom. They soon realize that if you’re in it to be a fan, it’s more fun to buy a ticket and go out for pizza afterward, instead of going to the press box.

The sad part to me is that most fan websites hire writers and pay them little or nothing beyond getting a press pass. That in turn discourages the process of quality writing.

Working for free and appearing as fan/journalists is a bad formula for good journalism.

For their sake, I’m hoping aspiring writers can find jobs that pay enough to make it a career, not a hobby. That benefits both the writer and the readers.


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