WSU’s Mike Leach actually has a point

Mike Leach has a point — which isn’t always the case.

The colorful Washington State coach is claiming his football players are being unfairly singled out by the Pullman Police Department. His complaint is that when parties erupt into fights, how come – according to him – only the football players are “accused or charged.”

That sounds like a possibility to me, because players are often challenged by citizens, or criticized when they go out in public. Not always is the player the aggressor.

Athletes get intense public scrutiny, and endure massive  criticism for both their athletic and recreational activities. A lot of times, someone just wants to get in the face of an athlete. In those cases, there should be other names involved.

But from a media standpoint, athletes are public figures, and their problems will always be news. The only answer I can think of is to make sure the players don’t go out in public. That’s why big schools have student-athlete facilities where food, study areas and recreation areas are included.

Such facilities can keep them out of the downtown clubs and campus parties, and in a place where it’s hard to get into trouble.

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