Do BYU fans have a “Utah Complex?”

I wrote in last Friday’s blog about the discontent by a couple of former BYU players, regarding the Cougars’ problems this year. Derik Stevenson and Jake Kruesa publicly blasted the Cougar program for falling behind in relevancy. Of course, that wasn’t the problem a few weeks ago, when the team had a Heisman candidate at quarterback and an undefeated record. Both of the former players made at least … Continue reading»

Ex-players fear for BYU’s future

  Jake Kuresa had a nice career at BYU. He was a first-team All-MWC offensive lineman in 2006 and a 4-year starter. He had 96 knockdowns and didn’t allow a sack in his final season. Derik Stevenson was a starting linebacker as a senior and had 11 tackles in the Liberty Bowl. They’re guys with some credibility behind what they say. So it was interesting that both lambasted … Continue reading»

Why staying tuned to BYU makes sense

Is it time to check out on BYU football? That might be case if you consider dropping attendance and a diminishing record. The Cougars lost their third straight game on Saturday, this time to Nevada. It was their second consecutive home loss. There are reasons for that, including an epic number of injuries. Not to mention inspired opponents. So do the Cougs deserve to be followed by their … Continue reading»

Memo: Kanter needs to use his legs

  I showed up at the Sorenson Multicultural Center on Tuesday, to speak with Mehmet Okur for a column. Same affable Memo as I remembered. A player I didn’t know would show up was Enes Kanter. Same affable Enes, too. If everyone in Turkey is as nice as those two, I figure I could live there. At any rate, when the former and current Jazz players started working … Continue reading»

Utes’ Sitake speaks on dual threat QB’s

  The University of Utah makes one assistant coach per week available, for one day, to talk to the media. Last week it was defensive coordinator Kalani Sitake. Working on a story on dual-threat quarterbacks in Utah, I asked him whether dual-threat QBs are just a phase. “You’re getting a lot of dual quarterbacks, getting a lot of power guys,” he said. “The top teams in the country … Continue reading»

Does Hayward’s monster dunk mean anything?

There you have it: Gordon Hayward going all Dominique Wilkins and rocking the rim against the Blazers on Thursday. It got some good publicity on the national websites and seemed to both impress and surprise many. Here in Utah, it wasn’t all that surprising. We’ve seen these flurries, where he appears ready to dominate. Then he goes back to being Mr. Low Key Fundamental. What does this dunk … Continue reading»

What sport should you be watching?

  College basketball unobtrusively sneaked onto the scene, this week. Both pro and college football are going strong. The Jazz and the rest of the NBA are into their preseason games. Minor and NHL hockey, too. Major League Baseball is in its post-season. Real Salt Lake is on the playoff stretch. Even for rabid sports fans, is this just too much? So we’re in the crossover season, where … Continue reading»

Utah’s QB conunundrum

  It’s not like Kendal Thompson was dominating. The Utah quarterback came in for a struggling Travis Wilson on Saturday and threw a quick scoring pass, covering 42 yards. After that, he managed the team. Mostly he handed off to Devontae Booker, who rushed for 156 yards. Thompson finished 10-13 passing for 95 yards in Utah’s 30-28 win over UCLA. Aside from the touchdown, he threw for just … Continue reading»

Is there such a thing as too much sorry?

Michael Phelps says he is “deeply sorry” about a DUI arrest Tuesday. Trey Burke wants to apologize for the explicit photos that found their way onto the Internet. Michigan’s athletics director is sorry his football coach left a concussed player in the game. There is more than enough sorry to go around, and plenty to come. This week’s supply of regrettable actions have just scratched the surface. Everywhere … Continue reading»

Do Utes belong in Pac-12?

This isn’t a new position for the University of Utah. The Utes are off to another slow start in Pac-12 play. This marks the fourth consecutive year they’ve begun their conference season with a loss. Saturday’s game against Washington State was particularly discouraging to Utah, since it was at home, against a lower-end team. Some are saying the Utes don’t belong in the Pac-12. Yes they do and … Continue reading»