An antidote to BYU-Utah stress

I had to laugh at the BYU fan on Twitter, last week, amid all the drama over Utah not playing BYU in basketball. I won’t include the slang, but in essence, here’s what she said: “EVERYBODY! CALM DOWN!” Good point. Or at least people should focus elsewhere. I’ve received some long rants, some repeat rants, and a lot of chiding and mean-spirited correspondences lately. I skip most of … Continue reading»

Recent bowl drama only shadow of ’80 Holiday Bowl

Oregon led 31-0 in the Alamo Bowl and lost. Utah led 35-0 and barely hung on to beat BYU in the Las Vegas Bowl. Both involved epic collapses – or comebacks – depending on perspective. But I have to say about these crazy comeback games: They’re nothing. Zilch. Dust in the wind. I’ll admit they were pretty interesting, especially TCU’s triple-overtime thriller over Oregon. But if you remember … Continue reading»

Utah athletes who passed away: Knowing them was loving them

Looking at the list of sports local figures that passed away this year, I was amazed. So many important people, beloved by so many. But what impressed me most was their realness, despite celebrity status. I knew most of them. Hot Rod Hundley made you feel like you were sitting next to him at the games – which I actually did. And he treated me like a friend. … Continue reading»

Why I have to wonder about Peyton Manning

  Al Jazeera is alleging football legend Peyton Manning took performance-enhancing substances during his recovery from neck surgery. Manning is saying he is “furious,” “sickened” and “disgusted” by the allegations. I’m saying “thanks a lot.” Thanks to Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones, Mark McGwire, Ryan Braun, Alex Rodriguez and all the others who lied about using PEDs. Of all the pro athletes I would suspect of such things, Manning … Continue reading»

Utes’ Hackett, Covey: Please don’t change

Coaches and public relations people  spend so much time preparing players to say nothing controversial, they often scrub any semblance of personality. But in the case of the Ute football team, that hasn’t entirely been the case. Tom Hackett, the Australian punter, entertained media this week by talking about gambling, lounging on a beach, drinking beer. Then there’s receiver Britain Covey. When asked about quarterback Travis Wilson, Covey … Continue reading»

Utes looking happy for bowl game

I was standing in the lobby of the Ute team hotel as players got off the bus, Tuesday night. That’s when I got my first impression of how they are handling being in a lower bowl than expected. They seemed fine. I nodded hello to several players, spoke briefly with assistant coaches Dennis Erickson, Aaron Roderick and Morgan Scalley, and noted that every one of them seemed in … Continue reading»

Why meeting Niumatalolo at airport makes sense

  Maybe it is overkill. But it’s not unusual. Navy football coach Ken Niumatalolo arrived in Utah, Sunday, to interview for the BYU job. News media met him at the airport. Some on social media accused reporters of being “fanboys,” and that no other market would greet a coaching candidate as he arrived by plane. Not true. Any time word gets out that a coach is visiting a … Continue reading»

The overlooked reason Kyle Whittingham wouldn’t coach at BYU

  As the BYU football coaching search rolls along, opinions vary on whether Utah’s Kyle Whittingham is a serious candidate, or just using it as leverage. Some argue that BYU is Whittingham’s alma mater and that he has had highly publicized disagreements with Utah athletics director Chris Hill over compensation. I’m buying none of the rumors that he’d seriously consider switching schools. Because he is talking with Hill … Continue reading»

How I missed what BYU (Utah?) fans were thinking

  A colleague of mine told me yesterday he couldn’t disagree more with the column I wrote last week about the Las Vegas Bowl. I had said I didn’t want to see two BYU-Utah match-ups in a 12-month period. One is plenty, and it’s already scheduled for next season. If all goes according to plan, the teams could play each of the next seven seasons. The negative reaction … Continue reading»

Source: What Dave Rose said about Nick Emery to the referee

        Lately BYU has taken a lot of flack over alleged dirty play in football and basketball. The most recent was Wednesday night’s punch by Nick Emery to the head of Brandon Taylor.     Not a smart move. A source that was court side at the time of the incident told me BYU coach Dave Rose wasn’t happy with the move and stared Emery … Continue reading»