An emotional ‘Melo gets it right

Carmelo Anthony is a complicated guy. I discovered that during his rookie season in the NBA. Since then, he has been criticized and praised, for his off-court troubles and his on-court results. When he walked over to his locker cubicle at the Delta Center, that night in 2003, I expected either another entitled star, or maybe just a difficult guy to interview. He had been a big deal … Continue reading»

My Shaunae Miller dive

Shaunae Miller’s diving finish in Monday’s 400-meter run at the Olympics drew groans of protest, mostly from American fans. They complained it wasn’t legal, but it was. They insisted it wasn’t sporting of the runner from the Bahamas. I disagree. It’s a race. She won within the rules. Upon first look, it appeared to me a purposeful dive. As I watched several more times, I began thinking it … Continue reading»

Should Olympic basketball matter to Americans?

    What should we think about USA Basketball in the Olympics? Is the outcome terribly important? Nope. It should barely matter to Americans. The 1990s Dream Team – which included Karl Malone and John Stockton – was a big deal. USA teams had previously excluded professional players. That showed in the Olympics. So, once and far all, the U.S. sent its best in 1992 and the results … Continue reading»

World domination is my dream, too, K.D.

I see where Steve Kerr says it’s “absurd” for fans to revile Kevin Durant over switching from Oklahoma City to Golden State. I agree. A guy changes jobs. Move on.   In particular nowadays, claims of disloyalty seem misplaced. In the NBA, moving around is justified because teams aren’t necessarily loyal to players.A player can pass up an opportunity in order to stay true to his team, then … Continue reading»

N.D. school wanted only ‘paying’ media

North Dakota State University has a fine football team. It has won five straight FCS national championships. But isn’t this taking itself a bit too seriously lately? This week the athletic department issued new regulations on media coverage. Among the rules: No 1-on-1 interviews with the basketball or football coaches without owning broadcast rights or having written permission; limited or no allowance for local radio stations to air … Continue reading»

Should coaches be off limits to media?

I see on ESPN’s college football page that Baylor’s assistant coaches will be off limits to media this fall. This is news? I thought everyone was off limits nowadays. I’ve mentioned this before, but during the build-up to the 2009 Sugar Bowl, I interviewed one of Alabama’s assistant coaches. I mentioned to a reporter who covered the Tide that the coach must easy to work with. The reporter … Continue reading»

Barkley great choice for “Race Card”

Charles Barkley has been tabbed to host a TNT show on race and culture in America,  called “The Race Card.” The show promises to be fascinating, because that’s what Barkley is. No commentator in America is more interesting on race than Barkley. He is an African-American man who married a white woman. He has been talking about race for years in various forms, calling out hypocrisy, but also … Continue reading»

Losing a great one in ex-Jazz p.r. rep

  No one reading this blog is likely to know the name Bill Kreifeldt. Which is too bad. Everyone should have known him. I got an e-mail from a friend of both mine and Bill’s, yesterday. It said the former Jazz p.r. director had passed away in Arizona. Bill was good guy and a fine publicity rep. He worked for the Detroit Pistons, L.A. Clippers, NBA office and … Continue reading»

Do polluted Olympics have an upside?

Other than the crime, the Zika virus worries and the unfinished facilities for the 2016 Olympics, there’s one more item on this year’s gruesome checklist: the water. A New York Times piece details the squalid condition of bays and rivers around Rio. The story tells of athletes being sickened after competing in events leading up to the Games. I won’t call it a silver lining, but the only … Continue reading»

Mitt Romney getting delayed credit

  A Boston Globe columnist apologized to Mitt Romney for being hard on him and saying Donald Trump has made the former presidential candidate look good. Now there’s another reason to admire Romney’s competence: the Olympics. Stories are saying the Rio de Janiero Olympics aren’t ready to go. Case in point: Australian athletes have refused to move into their housing, saying conditions are “unlivable.” Among the reported shortcomings: … Continue reading»