Changing rules in Big 3 American sports

  Change is hard. Change is good…sometimes. Each of the Big Three sports is considering major changes in order to make their games more appealing. Apparently “that’s the way it has always been done” isn’t good enough. Minor League Baseball, in partnership with Major League Baseball, is going to put a timer on pitchers and hitters, in order to speed up the game. Penalties can include adding a … Continue reading»

Hot Rod Hundley: A family matter

      Even at the end of his career, when Hot Rod Hundley’s eyes and memory weren’t what they once were, he was still a big part of the show. He never showed up at EnergySolutions Arena, a.k.a. the Delta Center, without signing autographs; never walked in the pressroom without someone stopping him to talk.      Stockton. Malone. Sloan. And Hot Rod – the Big Four of the Jazz’s … Continue reading»

Krystkowiak making it look easy

Talking with an Oregon sportswriter in Portland, last week, he told me he has enjoyed his interactions with Larry Krystkowiak. Like me, he also covered the Ute coach when he was an NBA player. So it came as no surprise to either journalist that the Ute coach would look so matter of fact when he sank this trick shot after practice this week:   This is the same … Continue reading»

Krystkowiak and me, naming names

In the department of strange NCAA occurrences, I present last Wednesday’s press conference, preceding the Utah-Stephen F. Austin game. All reporters are required to state a name and affiliation before proceeding with questions, but when Larry Krystkowiak took the podium, I forgot and forged ahead. The moderator interrupted and told me to state my name and affiliation. That’s when Krystkowiak interrupted and said “That’s Brad Rock.” I jokingly … Continue reading»

Salt Lake, Portland need to stay in touch

  Last time I was in the Moda Center, it was still the Rose Garden. Jeff Hornacek was standing outside the locker room talking about retirement. The Jazz had been easily dispatched by the Trail Blazers in spring of 2000. Little did I know how much things would change. Hornacek went on to retire, with Karl Malone and John Stockton soon to follow. Portland soon earned one of … Continue reading»

What about Utah’s No. 5 seed? Fair or not?

At one point, the Utes were expecting to be a No. 2 seed in this weeks NCAA tournament. Then No. 3. They ended up No. 5 in Thursday’s game against No. 12—seeded Stephen F. Austin. Whether that’s a huge disappointment depends on perspective. No, it’s not where they wanted to be. But there are fewer expectations now. That’s not all bad. “Well, I don’t want to sound like … Continue reading»

Damian Lillard’s humility

Great work by Deseret News staffer Roy Burton on Damian Lillard forgetting to tell his mother he had graduated from college. The Weber State alumnus told a writer at, a Blazers’ blog, that he mentioned his graduation during a conversation with his agent and a cousin overheard and posted it on Instagram. It wasn’t until then that Lillard’s mother heard the news. If you know Lillard, this … Continue reading»

Locker room ban would kill best stories

Much has been said about Michele Roberts comments regarding media access to the locker room. It’s safe to say the executive director of the NBA Player Association thinks reporters are hanging out just to hang out. Among her observations are that reporters are “standing around” doing nothing. Clearly, Roberts is playing to her audience. She knows it would be an immensely popular move with players to ban all … Continue reading»

Is Andrei Kirilenko a malcontent?

One of the most appealing things about ex-Jazz forward Andrei Kirilenko was that he did things with his heart. He stayed in Salt Lake, in part because he and his wife loved it. He cried when he had problems figuring out his playing time, near the end of his tenure in Utah. He played in native Russia during the lockout of 2011-12. Now, he’s reportedly set to play … Continue reading»

Jazz improving but still an All-Star short

Going into tonight’s game, the Jazz are 19-34, the identical record they had last year at this time. So are Jazz fans being sold a load of goods by team management? The complicated thing is that the Jazz do seem better. But the bottom line is the bottom line. In the place where it matters – the standings – it’s the same Jazz. “Yeah, so we’ll see what … Continue reading»