Is there such a thing as too much sorry?

Michael Phelps says he is “deeply sorry” about a DUI arrest Tuesday. Trey Burke wants to apologize for the explicit photos that found their way onto the Internet. Michigan’s athletics director is sorry his football coach left a concussed player in the game. There is more than enough sorry to go around, and plenty to come. This week’s supply of regrettable actions have just scratched the surface. Everywhere … Continue reading»

Do Utes belong in Pac-12?

This isn’t a new position for the University of Utah. The Utes are off to another slow start in Pac-12 play. This marks the fourth consecutive year they’ve begun their conference season with a loss. Saturday’s game against Washington State was particularly discouraging to Utah, since it was at home, against a lower-end team. Some are saying the Utes don’t belong in the Pac-12. Yes they do and … Continue reading»

Bill Simmons’ call-out-your-boss day

  I can see why a lot of people are suspicious of ESPN suspending star personality Bill Simmons for his podcast rant on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. ESPN does broadcast NFL games. I also understand that Simmons is paid to be outspoken. He used strong expletives, but so do lot of people. He called the commissioner “a liar” and said he “has no integrity whatsoever,” but I’ve seen … Continue reading»

QB situation beyond Travis Wilson still iffy

  There was considerable discussion this summer regarding the status of Ute backup quarterback Kendal Thompson. The situation was heightened by coach Kyle Whittingham, who claimed there was a serious quarterback race. In the end, the job went to Travis Wilson – as everyone assumed. After seeing Thompson play in Utah’s win over Michigan, it’s fair to say there never was a serious quarterback race. Wilson is more … Continue reading»

Should Michigan fans boo loss to Utah?

It was interesting to observe that midway through the second half, the fans at Michigan Stadium on Saturday were booing. It happened when things started becoming clear the Wolverine offense wasn’t going to get going against Utah. The Michigan program has been in a steady decline for a decade. After tying for first in 2004, Michigan hasn’t finished higher than third in the Big Ten and in the … Continue reading»

Chase N. Peterson: A gentleman leader

    I didn’t know Chase Peterson extremely well, but  enough to know what he was like. As president of the University of Utah, he attended many games, where we would occasionally talk. For some reason, I seemed to run into him more on road games — a sign of his true commitment to the school and its athletic programs. He was always a gentleman, who greeted everyone … Continue reading»

Is it OK to go ‘Peyton’ in the office?

I’m seeing a lot of video of Peyton Manning chewing out  Julius Thomas, apparently for running a wrong route. Most people look at this as a top-level quarterback correcting a mistake, or maybe firing up his teammate. At the same time, you wonder in how many other job is it productive to chew out your coworkers for mistakes? I’ve had bosses who felt they were motivating by causing … Continue reading»

Ute nickname is here to stay, right?

      I was fairly certain that by now – Utah’s fourth year in the Pac-12 – the Utes would be the Red Hawks. I figured the conference might pressure the school, or the school would pressure itself for the change. The University of Utah had been removing the feather from some of the logos. Other universities and colleges with Native American team names had been changing or fighting … Continue reading»

Are celebrity tips fair game?

Another spate of tip-tattling has occurred. The blogosphere is claiming today that Philadelphia Eagle LeSean McCoy apparently left a 20-cent tip on a $60 burger bill. The same website addresses an alleged tip of zero by former NFLer Warren Sapp on a $69 bill. In other tipping news, Portland guard Damian Lillard posted a bill receipt on his Instagram account showing a negative tip for poor service. That … Continue reading»

Ute gag order: fans want variety of sources

  A poll ran alongside my blog, last Friday, which elicited a surprising reaction, in my opinion. Readers of Rockmonster Unplugged were asked about Kyle Whittingham cutting off media access to his assistant coaches – a la Nick Saban. As of Monday morning, of 514 voters, 419 either felt the media should have full or some access to assistant coaches. I had assumed most fans only cared about … Continue reading»