Sitake to OSU: How much does it hurt?

  With defensive coordinator Kalani Sitake reportedly going to Oregon State, how much will the loss hurt the Utes? As the saying goes, that’s gonna leave a mark. In one sense, the Utes can recover. As good as Sitake has been, Kyle Whittingham invented the defensive mindset that is still the heart of the team. That won’t entirely go away.  At the same time, now Oregon State has … Continue reading»

Who in Utah had the best football season?

With Utah and Utah State winning their bowl games, it got me wondering which season was the most amazing. Utah State finished the season 10-4 with a New Mexico Bowl win over UTEP. Meanwhile, Utah was 9-4 with a Las Vegas victory over Colorado State. On one hand, the Utes overcame injury to such key players as Gionni Paul, Tim Patrick and Dres Anderson, yet finished nicely in … Continue reading»

Rice-Eccles and rising WIFI demands

Much has been said of plans to increase seating at Rice-Eccles Stadium by closing in the south end zone and adding new locker rooms. That’s likely to happen. But wireless connectivity could be an even more relevant issue. Stadiums nationwide are beginning to enhance their WIFI capabilities on a major scale, in order to meet surging demands. However, costs and technical issues are high. Levis Stadium, home of … Continue reading»

Columnist suggests BYU’s case for Big 12 is slipping

It’s still all speculation, but interesting nonetheless. As hard as BYU’s Bronco Mendenhall has campaigned for inclusion in the Big 12, some media are saying it won’t be enough. I’ve heard a number of  my media colleagues saying Sunday games aren’t a major reason for keeping BYU out of a power conference. It’s more about television rights. At any rate, Huntington W.V. columnist Chuck Landon disagrees. “The consensus … Continue reading»

Is insulting cities fair game for media?

It was obviously an off-the-cuff remark. At the close of a Hawaii-Fresno State football game, last month, Rainbow Warrior play-by-play man Robert Kekaula said, on-air, “Good night from the armpit of America.” Ouch. I’ve been to Fresno. Not my favorite place. Still, the city’s residents/fans had reason to be annoyed. Nobody likes being dissed. I have to say I have mixed feelings. I have friends in Fresno, and … Continue reading»

Classy Mike Riley will be missed in Pac-12

Mike Riley, the 2-time Oregon State coach, has been hired at Nebraska. I know. You’re thinking, “Huh?” It’s not that Riley doesn’t have the resume. He just seemed so “Oregon State” to me – in a good way. Riley is one of the best-liked coaches in America. He is thoughtful, polite, a gentleman in a business that makes it hard to be gentlemanly. To me he fit Corvallis … Continue reading»

Ute basketball: How good are they?

The takeaway from Utah’s overtime win over No. 8 Wichita State, Wednesday, is that fans should not read too much or too little in it. On one hand, they beat a highly ranked team; a team that is unflustered and used to playing in tense games. After trailing by 11, the Shockers came right back on the Utes. Meanwhile, Utah missed three free throws in the final three … Continue reading»

Really Bronco’s most gratifying win?

BYU pulled off a deserved win on Saturday at Cal by outplaying the Bears in the second half. It was maybe the best win of the season, though at the time, crushing Texas seemed a big deal too. But most gratifying win ever? Bronco Mendenhall was sounding that way afterward, when he called it “as gratifying as any win I’ve ever been a part of as a player … Continue reading»

When ex-Ute Steve Smith could have decked me

I can’t say I know Steve Smith, the former Ute and longtime NFL receiver, but I’ve been around him and interviewed him. When Smith played at Utah, the Utes were in the up-and-down Ron McBride era and during Smith’s senior year they went 4-7. Utah lost its first four games, won a couple, lost two more. I think it was after a subsequent win that I was in … Continue reading»

Another reason to like Andrei Kirilenko

Things tend to get lost in translation, especially when they involve Andrei Kirilenko. But reports from Brooklyn and Russia say the former Jazz forward is on his way out of the Nets organization. Nets Daily reported that Kirilenko told Russia’s Sport-Express  “optimism is over” and  coach Lionel Hollins has told him “Andrei, I do not see your role on the team.” According to Sport Express, Kirilenko recently said: … Continue reading»