Most likely star on Ute FB this year? Look to the feet.

Utah’s Tom Hackett won the Ray Guy Award the last two years. Mitch Wishnowsky is lining up to be his successor as a punter. But the early noise this season is going to familiar Ute placekicker “Automatic” Andy Phillips.’s College Football 2016 edition lists its preseason All-American team. The only Ute to make the squad is Phillips as a placekicker. It points out his field goal efficiency … Continue reading»

Libel laws and Goodell’s false “death” report

  I’m not an expert on libel laws governing social media, but I have to say the lines are surely being blurred. The sheer volume of material nowadays makes effective policing difficult. However, I have seen articles saying that in order to sue over a libelous comment on social media, the injured party probably should  sue the website or service provider, not the individual. The obvious reason is … Continue reading»

Did losing record invalidate Utah baseball season?

The crazy part about Utah Ute baseball this year lies in the final record: 26-29. All this for that?             Not impressive. But actually not chopped liver, either. This is why it matters to be in a conference. Though the Utes ended with a losing record, they were 18-11 in the Pac-12, winning the conference. Some scoff. Utah was terrible early in the year. But college baseball can’t … Continue reading»

Good watching: Harbaugh vs. Saban

Just about the time I start getting annoyed with Jim Harbaugh, he makes me laugh. How many coaches do that — for any of us? There are still a few interesting coaches, like Washington State’s Mike Leach. But very few. Rudeness alone (Gregg Popovich) doesn’t qualify. A long time ago, there were coaches like Lou Holtz, Jim Valvano, Billy Tubbs and, yes, LaVell Edwards. Nowadays it’s a wasteland … Continue reading»

Klay Thompson: A star we should all cheer

  The haters are out there. They always are. But I don’t trust anyone that doesn’t enjoy watching the Golden State Warriors play basketball. Down 3-1 in their Western Conference finals pairing with Oklahoma City, the Warriors have now forced a deciding Game 7 tonight in Oakland. Most interesting of all, right now, is the play of Golden State’s Klay Thompson.’s J. A. Adande featured the lower-profile … Continue reading»

Wake up to baseball — or not

      Those closest to the situation are usually the last ones to know. Baseball icon Derek Jeter told CNBC this week that baseball is losing ground to “sexier” sports. “I think that baseball is starting to take somewhat of a backseat to some of the other sports…” he said. Starting?  Somewhat? Baseball was my favorite sport until high school. But free agency was already breaking up … Continue reading»

Dirty NBA plays hurt both teams

  The playoffs are going strong and so are the dirty plays. In Sunday’s Warriors-Thunder game, Draymond Green appeared — strongly — to purposely kick Oklahoma City’s Steven Adams in the groin. This occurred the same day Cleveland’s Dahntay Jones was suspended for punching Toronto’s Bismack Biyombo in the same general area on Saturday. A lot of people think this is either funny or just rough-and-tumble basketball. Me, … Continue reading»

Does Popovich owe respect back?

Gregg Popovich isn’t the media’s favorite coach. The Spurs boss has a talent of making every question sound stupid. If a reporter asks a general question, he’ll say, “Ask me a specific question” or chide them for open ended questions. If they ask a specific question, he’ll do as he did after the Spurs were eliminated from the playoff, Thursday. Asked if he had “any regrets about not … Continue reading»

Thurl Bailey on kids, dreams, presidents

  It’s easy to get cynical about the office of the president, especially on election years. This is the best we can do? At the same time, I got a sense of appreciation for the position after talking with former Jazz player Thurl Bailey, this week, about his visit to the White House. He spoke of growing up in Washington D.C. and then coming back to be honored … Continue reading»

Wade has no anthem excuse

Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade said he took shots during the Canadian national anthem, Saturday in Toronto, because a pregame timing issue put him off his schedule. He insisted he’s not disrespectful. I think he knew the anthem was being played and took practice shots anyway. NBA players are expected to make free throws under raucous conditions. They often play through injuries and make shots with numerous opponents … Continue reading»