Is BYU’s November scheduling improving?

  When it first happened, and BYU was talking about ESPN arranging big games for the Cougars, independence seemed OK.  Better than staying in the Mountain West. But four seasons later, it’s not looking that good. It’s true BYU continues to schedule some quality opponents. Last week, for instance, it announced a 2-game series with Missouri. Scheduling has been a major issue for the Cougars since going independent … Continue reading»

Bronco’s politicking continues

Bronco Mendenhall has said – as do most coaches – that he doesn’t read the newspapers or online posts. That’s interesting, because he seems to be fairly up to speed on things. Must have good people to check those things out. Asked this week if he thinks the Big 12 will eventually have a conference championship, Mendenhall said, “I sure hope so and I can’t imagine how not … Continue reading»

Kaelin Clay debacle: How bad was it?

    Since millions have had the chance to see Utah receiver Kaelin Clay’s mistake, Saturday against Oregon,and since I’ve already given my take on the situation, I’m just interested to know what readers think. Was it the worst bonehead play ever, or something that could happen to anyone? I was impressed that afterward, Clay tweeted: I was also impressed that he spoke to the media afterward, despite … Continue reading»

BYU football malaise: How long will this last?

Since Jake Kuresa and Derik Stevenson blasted the direction of the BYU football program and, in Stevenson’s case even called for Bronco Mendenhall’s dismissal, others have come to the program’s defense. Recently Jonny Harline and Bryan Kehl spoke out, saying players are the ones performing and that coaches get too much credit and too much blame. As former NBA and ABA coach of the year Tom Nissalke told … Continue reading»

Vote THIS: Karl Malone for mayor

Reading up on the election results, late last night, got me thinking of the time I covered politics. OK, not really. But I was covering Karl Malone. It was in May of 1994 and I was in the locker room before a playoff game. The Mailman started grumbling about his taxes, which led to grumbling about Bill Clinton, which led to me asking if he’d ever considered running … Continue reading»

Did loss make Utes pretenders?

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, after Utah’s loss to Arizona State, I sent out this tweet: I’m not going to say losing works better than winning. But my thinking was that if they had won over ASU, I might have felt the Utes were getting by on pluck and luck. They surely deserve credit for pulling out the close ones, but those could have been losses, … Continue reading»

Are NBA players too chummy?

  When the Jazz were at their best, in the 1990s,  fraternization with the opposition was frowned upon. It ticked Jerry Sloan when his players would socialize beforehand with opponents. In particular I remember hearing Sloan was irritated when Christian Laettner – a Dream Team member with Karl Malone and John Stockton – wanted to be talking on the Jazz half of the court during warm-ups. Sloan never … Continue reading»

Kobe handles story like a pro

I have to admit I was swayed by the recent article on ESPN that blamed Kobe Bryant for hindering the Lakers’ progress. The gist of the story by Henry Abbott was that Bryant’s ego doesn’t allow the team to keep or get top talent to go alongside him. First of all, I disagree with Reggie Miller’s claim that the article was “a coward’s approach to journalism” because the … Continue reading»

Do BYU fans have a “Utah Complex?”

I wrote in last Friday’s blog about the discontent by a couple of former BYU players, regarding the Cougars’ problems this year. Derik Stevenson and Jake Kruesa publicly blasted the Cougar program for falling behind in relevancy. Of course, that wasn’t the problem a few weeks ago, when the team had a Heisman candidate at quarterback and an undefeated record. Both of the former players made at least … Continue reading»

Ex-players fear for BYU’s future

  Jake Kuresa had a nice career at BYU. He was a first-team All-MWC offensive lineman in 2006 and a 4-year starter. He had 96 knockdowns and didn’t allow a sack in his final season. Derik Stevenson was a starting linebacker as a senior and had 11 tackles in the Liberty Bowl. They’re guys with some credibility behind what they say. So it was interesting that both lambasted … Continue reading»