Dale Murphy: Big shoes to fill

  Jerry Seinfeld made himself into a star by making a sitcom about nothing. I guess I’ll try with a blog. Interviewing famed baseball player Bill Buckner, this week, I veered off the subject of his error against the Mets in the 1986 World Series to ask if he personally knew Dale Murphy. In the early 1980s, Murphy was starring for the Atlanta Braves and Buckner was with … Continue reading»

Utah’s worst enemy: Hint, it’s not Colorado

What state do you really hate? Is it Idaho? I mean, all those mesh ball caps. Or Nevada? There’s Las Vegas and then there’s…nothing. Deadspin says Colorado is Utah’s nemesis. Looks like a convenient call to me. But the wrong one. Why they chose Colorado is only a guess on my part. Apparently it’s the ski industries. But with Vail Resorts owning Park City, that rivalry seems to … Continue reading»

Utah rated great place for pro soccer

  At this point, it would be hard to imagine anyone dismissing the popularity of Real Salt Lake. The stadium is full or near to it on most nights. The team has produced a consistently good product (though this year is iffy). Now comes some data. A WalletHub.com study says though soccer is only eighth of the 10 most-followed sports by adult Americans, it continues to grow. The … Continue reading»

Soaring with my Chuck Taylors

  I was with my first organized basketball team, eighth grade, Madison Junior High. The coach sat us on the bleachers in the gym and told us how to dress for practice and games. He told us we were going to do it his way. And his way was Converse All-Stars, a.k.a. Chuck Taylors. He said the tread was the best for stopping that could be found. I … Continue reading»

Yes, urine-throwing is crossing the line

I’m as irritated as anyone when I hear an athlete is alleged (or sometimes proven) to have used performance-enhancing drugs. Lance Armstrong is high on my list of disreputable sports figures. At the same time, I am appalled by fans who show disdain by doing totally unacceptable things. Case in point: Last week’s “urine” incident. Tour de France rider Chris Froome claims he was doused with urine during … Continue reading»

Should Utes’ Hatfield get another shot?

Now that charges have been dropped against Dominique Hatfield, regarding an alleged robbery earlier this month, Utah coach Kyle Whittingham has raised the possibility of a return. The Ute defensive back was dismissed by Whittingham on June 10 for “concerns about Dominique Hatfield’s off-field behavior.” But upon hearing the news of charges being dropped, Whittingham released this statement: “We are relieved that Dominique has been exonerated of the … Continue reading»

Is Bonds selfie with Mays cool?

  I don’t know how Hall of Fame legend Willie Mays feels about being photographed in his sleep, but I know how I do. And how my kids and wife do.   Don’t invade our privacy. This Barry Bonds selfie with his godfather, the Say Hey Kid, hit Instagram this week. Mays looks fine, maybe even dignified. But here’s what hit me wrong about it: Barry gave himself … Continue reading»

Was Kanter trade good for everybody?

Enes Kanter, the erstwhile Jazz big man, just signed a contract with Oklahoma City for $70 million. That sounds like crazy money to Jazz fans, who considered Kanter a malcontent with zero defensive skills. But there are a couple of considerations at work here. It’s true that Kanter is an abysmal defensive player. But if you’re on a team that feels it needs scoring in the mid-to-low post … Continue reading»

Jazz Summer League a “partner” to Las Vegas

The Utah Jazz weren’t happy when in 2004, Las Vegas began an NBA Summer League – in direct competition to the Rocky Mountain Revue. It took only four years for the Jazz to shut down their event. Who wanted to spend 10 days in Salt Lake when they could spend it in Vegas? After three seasons, the Vegas event was taken over by the NBA. But this year … Continue reading»

NBA, Jazz and their summer style

Quin Snyder came in wearing jeans and boat shoes with no socks. Alex Jensen coached the Jazz’s summer league team wearing shorts and a tee shirt. Former Jazz general manager Scott Layden wore an open collar shirt and casual slacks, while another former G.M., Kevin O’Connor, wore shorts and loafers. Welcome to the NBA’s version of casual Friday. The appeal to the Utah Jazz Summer League isn’t so … Continue reading»