Let the wild rumpus begin!

Watching LeBron James pump his fists in celebration after Cleveland’s win over Golden State, Sunday, triggered a sudden observation in my mind: “Boy, are the LeBron haters going to be out in force.” He’s the best basketball player in the world, and the Cavs had just stolen a road game against the favored Warriors. He was chest bumping, shouting and generally letting the world know how he felt. … Continue reading»

The Haws basketball legacy: Not drama dads

If BYU basketball ever had a better recruiter than Marty Haws, I’d like to meet him. The former All-WAC basketball player is the father of Tyler Haws, the Cougars’ all-time leading scorer. Another son, T.J., has committed to BYU and is on an LDS mission. The elder Haws said this week that he feels “really fortunate with coach (Quincy) Lewis at Lone Peak and with Dave (Rose), in … Continue reading»

Ex-Jazz coach says college 24-second clock would flop

  College basketball reduced its shot clock from 35 to 30 seconds, in hopes of speeding up the game. Good thing, because people were starting to notice. “I think the college game got excruciatingly boring,” said former Jazz coach Tom Nissalke, last week. But don’t even think about copying the NBA by going down to 24 seconds. “You can’t go to 24 because good teams would just overwhelm … Continue reading»

Ex-Ute Bogut got shortchanged on flagrant foul

  There have been players going down with all sorts of injuries this year, in both the regular season and the post-season. In most cases, it’s nothing they could help. But now we find Houston’s Dwight Howard, who should be riding the bench in street clothes, and what happens? He skates. The Houston center took a cheap swing at Golden State’s Andrew Bogut in Monday night’s playoff game … Continue reading»

BYU fans: Is he Dellave-dirty?

LeBron James played defense on Sunday – and not just on the court. He did the same in the post-game press conference, by backing up Cleveland teammate Matthew Dellavedova. While the Atlanta Hawks intimated the former St. Mary’s guard is borderline dirty, James called him competitive but fair, after an incident involving Dellavedova and Atlanta’s Al Horford.   Horford got a flagrant two foul and Dellavedova a technical. … Continue reading»

Sympathy for Tyson? Too soon?

  I’ve known some people who were abused in some form when they were children, but went on to become counselors, therapists and advocates. They have my unmitigated respect for rising above their histories. Which has me struggling to come to grips with Mike Tyson, who tells GQ magazine that he was severely abused as a kid. “I was abused any way a human being could be abused … Continue reading»

Boxing’s shady side still showing

Some said the Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather fight could save boxing. Some said it was the last big hurrah for a dying sport. All I know is this week’s controversy can do nothing but hurt the sport. I admit, boxing is a brutal endeavor. But at least the people that showed up in interviews seemed honest, back when I was a boxing writer. They were usually unpolished and unedited. … Continue reading»

Got a dime? Utah, BYU say they’re not rich

Utah athletics director Chris Hill wanted to make something clear at his roundtable meeting with the media on Wednesday. “Everybody thinks we’re loaded,” he said. “We’re not loaded.” Before we get into whether or not the Utes are rich, remember, running big-time programs is expensive. BYU’s Tom Holmoe recently admitted the ESPN money BYU gets is not nearly as much as power conference money. Meanwhile, Hill is appealing … Continue reading»

Britt McHenry, towing and the Golden Rule

Britt McHenry is a personality on ESPN. According to her, you should know that. McHenry was recently caught on video, berating a parking lot attendant. Among the gems: the attendant was told she works in a trailer, is uneducated, has bad teeth and needs to lose weight. McHenry was suspended for a week by the network. Advanced Towing released this statement on behalf of Gina Michelle:               … Continue reading»

USU lucky to keep Barnes 7 years

The goal of any athletics director should be to leave his program in better shape than when he arrived. Scott Barnes did that at Utah State. News broke today that Barnes is leaving Utah State to take the job at Pitt. But like Urban Meyer turning the Utah football program over to Kyle Whittingham, Barnes is leaving USU on a high note. Just two Saturdays ago, he was … Continue reading»