When Mailman went Marshawn Lynch

As indignant as some were over Marshawn Lynch’s media snub during Super Bowl Week – in which he answered every question with “I’m here so I won’t get fined” – I have to admit there’s a side of me that’s amused. Here’s why: Karl Malone did similar things when he played for the Jazz  and sometimes provided me material that was been better than if he’d been talking. … Continue reading»

Behind Ernie Banks’ famous phrase

  I never met Ernie Banks, the Hall of Fame Chicago Cubs star who passed away at age 83, last Friday.  I rarely saw him on TV. In that era, finding specific teams on TV wasn’t all that easy, unless it was the Yankees. But I liked Banks because I read about him and heard about him on the radio. Everyone knows his famous “let’s play two” phrase. … Continue reading»

Jazz usher was sight for sore eyes

It has only been a few weeks, maybe less, since I last saw Jazz usher Wally Price at his post. I didn’t know his last name until I started seeing news media reports that he had passed away, this week. That doesn’t mean I didn’t know him. I’ve been greeting him at games for decades. Wally’s job was to welcome everyone who came through the player entrance to … Continue reading»

Utah hoops loss: Disaster or adjustment?

  Following Utah’s 69-51 loss to Arizona, the discussion got around to how much was lost in the drubbing. Quite a bit, at least in the short term. There’s no way to say a loss is better than a win, even if it “resets” your priorities. In the long term, though, maybe it wasn’t such a big deal. A reporter asked Krystkowiak about “getting punched in the mouth” … Continue reading»

BYU hoops: To build a case, win WCC first

In this morning’s Deseret News, beat writer Jeff Call quotes BYU coach Dave Rose and guard Tyler Haws saying the West Coast Conference is as tough as they expected. It certainly is. The Cougars have finished second once and third twice. When BYU joined the WCC, there was some thought by Cougars fans that BYU would dominate the league, or at least battle Gonzaga annually for the championship. … Continue reading»

Jazz are where Warriors were…not

The Jazz gave it a try on Tuesday night against Golden State, the team with the best record in the league. It wasn’t nearly enough. Mostly it was predictable. The Warriors had 13 3-point baskets, the Jazz seven, so there’s an 18-point difference right there. Which made it all the more interesting that Warriors coach Steve Kerr drew comparisons between the teams. “They play lot like we do, … Continue reading»

The funny side of Stew Morrill

Further proof there’s a humorous side to public figures that they seldom show comes from USU basketball coach Stew Morrill. Known as a gruff and sometimes grumpy figure, Morrill announced his retirement, last week, and included considerable humor in the mix. “When you have 13 guys on a roster you sometimes will talk to your assistants and you’ll go, ‘GonnabeOK, gonnabeOK, gonnabeOK…wwwwhoa’. And I don’t have very many … Continue reading»

Time to forgive Bonds and friends?

The Baseball Hall of Fame voting is in and – surprise! – several players alleged to have taken performance enhancing drugs didn’t come close. Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire and Roger Clemens fell far short of the needed 75 percent. Bonds got 36.8 percent, Clemens 37.5, McGwire 10 percent and Sosa 6.6 percent. Though Bonds and Clemens drew slightly more votes than last year, they’re still distant. … Continue reading»

Utah sports fans: Don’t trash Bill Walton!

As a broadcaster, Bill Walton sprang into the consciousness of sports fans in Utah back in 1997, when John Stockton sent the Jazz to the NBA Finals with a buzzer shot. As the ball went up, Walton uttered, “Uh-oh.” I never considered that an exclamation of dismay. Rather, I thought it was a commentary on Houston’s allowing a shot to get up, without much defense. Since then, fans … Continue reading»

Kaelin Clay not the problem; Oregon was

Yes, Oregon is just that good. The Ducks earned a spot in the first national championship playoff game with a 59-20 rout of Florida State in Thursday’s Rose Bowl. That came after a first half that produced just an 18-13 lead. Which illustrates my point: Ute Kaelin Clay’s momentum-killing play against the Ducks on Nov. 8 wouldn’t have mattered. It happened in the early moments of the second … Continue reading»