Wake up to baseball — or not

      Those closest to the situation are usually the last ones to know. Baseball icon Derek Jeter told CNBC this week that baseball is losing ground to “sexier” sports. “I think that baseball is starting to take somewhat of a backseat to some of the other sports…” he said. Starting?  Somewhat? Baseball was my favorite sport until high school. But free agency was already breaking up … Continue reading»

Dirty NBA plays hurt both teams

  The playoffs are going strong and so are the dirty plays. In Sunday’s Warriors-Thunder game, Draymond Green appeared — strongly — to purposely kick Oklahoma City’s Steven Adams in the groin. This occurred the same day Cleveland’s Dahntay Jones was suspended for punching Toronto’s Bismack Biyombo in the same general area on Saturday. A lot of people think this is either funny or just rough-and-tumble basketball. Me, … Continue reading»

Does Popovich owe respect back?

Gregg Popovich isn’t the media’s favorite coach. The Spurs boss has a talent of making every question sound stupid. If a reporter asks a general question, he’ll say, “Ask me a specific question” or chide them for open ended questions. If they ask a specific question, he’ll do as he did after the Spurs were eliminated from the playoff, Thursday. Asked if he had “any regrets about not … Continue reading»

Thurl Bailey on kids, dreams, presidents

  It’s easy to get cynical about the office of the president, especially on election years. This is the best we can do? At the same time, I got a sense of appreciation for the position after talking with former Jazz player Thurl Bailey, this week, about his visit to the White House. He spoke of growing up in Washington D.C. and then coming back to be honored … Continue reading»

Wade has no anthem excuse

Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade said he took shots during the Canadian national anthem, Saturday in Toronto, because a pregame timing issue put him off his schedule. He insisted he’s not disrespectful. I think he knew the anthem was being played and took practice shots anyway. NBA players are expected to make free throws under raucous conditions. They often play through injuries and make shots with numerous opponents … Continue reading»

Fight cancer with the Salt Lake Bees

This is a public service announcement on my part – and one I’m happy to provide. In part, it’s because a friend of mine just left for Houston to be treated this week for cancer and I have another friend at the Huntsman Cancer Institute right now. It’s also because I’ve had a family member who had cancer, as well as an extended family members who passed away … Continue reading»

Murph: Betting worse than PED’s

Which is worse, betting on baseball or using PED’s? Dale Murphy, the former Atlanta Braves’ star, in an interview last week, said it’s betting.   Murphy isn’t a guy who makes enemies, and he isn’t about to now. He says he thinks Pete Rose has paid the price and deserves to be associated again with baseball. But asked about the comparative severity, he said, “I would, just off … Continue reading»

George Karl another ‘star victim’

George Karl is history in Sacramento. He told the Sacramento Bee that he never felt the Kings fully had his back when it came to controversial star DeMarus Cousins. “Eighty percent of the time, I think the Kings did what had to be done. But I’m old-school enough to think that a coach has to feel powerful, has to feel supported — and I never felt that level … Continue reading»

Satellite camps: Spending like it’s going out of style

  The NCAA Board of Directors met on Thursday to consider its recent ban on satellite camps and reversed itself, saying it wants to review the entire recruiting process. The original concern was that some schools (read: wealthy) were getting a recruiting advantage. For instance, Michigan held camps in seven states last year. At the same time, Utah’s Kyle Whittingham has been clear that he favors allowing such … Continue reading»

Long season a culprit in diminished NBA playoffs

So Chris Paul is out, likely for the rest of the playoffs. That may be soon, considering Blake Griffin is also out for the playoffs. How far can the Clippers go without their two best players? Meanwhile, Golden State’s Stephen Curry is out a couple of weeks with a sprained knee. It’s possible he won’t be at full speed when he does come back. Injuries like a broken … Continue reading»