Remember, coaches, kids see all

St. Joseph’s coach Phil Martelli has a lot of admirers. He’s a fine coach and a funny guy. But it appears no one is a bigger fan than his grandson, Philip, who had an up-close seat to the conference championship game. Rather than just, you know, watch, the young man decided to practice his Grandpa moves. There has been much discussion on how “adorable” Philip is in his … Continue reading»

If Hornacek is coach of year, better enjoy it

            There is a lot of sentiment that rookie NBA coach Jeff Hornacek will win Coach of the Year honors.             Good for him. He deserves it, though this year there are a lot of strong candidates. But if there is a more capricious award, I’d like to know about it.             I say this because Hornacek is in line to win it as a rookie, yet Jerry … Continue reading»

Intimidation overrated with Tiger, Jordan

            As if Tiger Woods’ image didn’t slide far enough with the cheating scandal, and the drop-off in major wins, now comes this: his former swing instructor says Woods didn’t actually intimidate people.             In an article on, Hank Haney dismissed the perception that Woods in his prime merely psyched out his opponents.             “I didn’t buy into that when people talked about it as much as … Continue reading»

Autistic player, opponents get a victory to remember

                Lone Peak High School has won four straight 5A state championships in Utah boys’ basketball.             Watching the news, last week, I heard one of the players call it “the greatest feeling in the world.”             Well deserved and well said.             But I’d suggest there might be an even better feeling in sports, if the chance ever came around.             The situation was a … Continue reading»

How to stop court-storming events

              For the third time in a month, a college player or coach has been exposed to dangerous situations with unruly fans.             The latest came on Thursday night as a UCSB fans ran onto the court and angrily confronted Hawaii coach Gib Arnold, son of former BYU coach Frank Arnold.             Last month, Oklahoma State’s Marcus Smart was suspended for a confrontation with a fan, while … Continue reading»

Should losing teams never say never?

            Tyrone Corbin was understandably upset with the Jazz’s embarrassing 114-88 loss to Milwaukee on Monday. His team had gone from a strong showing in a loss to Indiana to a blowout defeat at the hands of the NBA’s worst team.             But wait! There’s competition for “worst team around.”             And I don’t mean the Jazz.             The Bucks have 12 wins, but the Sixers only 15, … Continue reading»

“Lights out” for Mailman, LeBron

   The news that the NBA asked LeBron James to wear a clear mask to protect his face, rather than a black “superhero” mask, didn’t surprise me.             I’ve seen something like this before, with Karl Malone.              His shoes were deemed unacceptable.              Malone had a shoe contract with L.A. Gear in 1993. He began wearing shoes with flashing lights in the … Continue reading»

Kudos for ex-Ute Steve Smith

            What I remember from Steve Smith as a collegian is that he was an emotional/fiery guy.             He didn’t handle losing well, and wasn’t slow to admit it. After one game, I asked him a question that came out more harshly than I intended. Utah had just won, but it had been an up-and-down season. The Utes went 4-7 that year. I said, “So, should we take … Continue reading»

Is press box cheering OK?

            I got a surprise as I sat at Utah and BYU basketball games, last week.              Young media members next to me pumped their fists when the home team scored and, in the case at BYU, someone was even calling out encouragement from his spot on press row, behind the Cougar bench.             Most people with a media credential knows about journalistic objectivity. It’s against policy to … Continue reading»

Manziel, Stockton: it’s all in the hands

            Much is being made of the fact Johnny Manziel is shorter than 6-feet tall, a negative when it comes to potential NFL quarterbacks. But nearly every story also notes that he has large hands.             Not a big deal?             Adam Schefter of ESPN points out that Manziel’s hands measure 9 7/8, while another top quarterback prospect, Teddy Bridgewater, has 9¼-inch hands.             Why does that matter? … Continue reading»