Jazz want Kirilenko back in Utah

With Andrei Kirilenko retiring last week, I asked Jazz G.M. Dennis Lindsey about the possibility of the former All-Star returning to Utah in an advisory capacity. After all, the Kirilenkos have fond memories of Salt Lake. Even last winter, after their vacant home in the Avenues had been robbed, Andrei’s wife Masha still called Salt Lake “the safest place on earth.” As for A.K.’s possible return, Lindsey said, … Continue reading»

No Booker for Jazz? Don’t close the books

Plenty of Jazz fans were upset when the team selected forward Trey Lyles at No. 12, in Thursday’s draft, instead of taking shooting guard Devin Booker. The Jazz have been a weak perimeter team for a long time. Though management thinks Lyles can become a good stretch-4 player, he made only 14 percent of his 3-point shots at Kentucky. But when it came down to it, the Jazz … Continue reading»

Orem Owlz screw-up: How big was it?

  The Orem Owlz made national news over the weekend when it was learned the team had planned a “Caucasian Heritage Night” in August. The team imagined itself staging a lighthearted send-up of white culture, featuring white bread and mayo on burgers, accompanied by clips of “Seinfeld.” But it backfired when a lot of the public didn’t think it was funny. Owlz management clearly didn’t anticipate the fallout. … Continue reading»

Stick to your day job, MLS players

  According to an ESPNFC anonymous survey of Major League Soccer players, only 52 percent have intentionally taken a dive. That’s a fairly interesting result. But to me the most fascinating survey question was: Could you make more money doing a different job? Fifty-one percent responded either yes or maybe. In a league where the average salary is nearly $226,500, I’m not buying it. Jobs that pay a … Continue reading»

Ex-Ute Eric Weddle needs a new parking space

I remember seeing Eric Weddle as I was walking across the Qualcomm Stadium parking lot, several years ago, on my way to a game. I don’t recall what kind of car he had, except it was an older one, with a few dents, and which I believe he had driven in college. In the tradition of the great Steve Young, Weddle had refused to make  wheels his first … Continue reading»

Is it uncool for LeBron to brag?

LeBron haters, rejoice. The Cleveland superstar gave detractors one more thing to harp on after Sunday’s loss to Golden State. When a reporter asked if James felt less pressure because the Cavs are “undermanned,” he said, “I feel confident because I’m the best player in the world. It’s that simple.” Excuse me for agreeing, but is there something wrong with that declaration? I don’t think so. When Muhammad … Continue reading»

Lebron’s injury: move the baseline cameras?

  It was scary during Thursday night’s NBA Finals game when LeBron James went down. With two other All-Stars out with injuries, a third would have made the playoffs a farce for Cleveland. James got body checked by Golden State’s Andrew Bogut, then went flying into the baseline cameras. He came out with a cut on his head. Afterward, Bogut dismissed the incident, saying “he jumped into the … Continue reading»

Do baseball players pull the most pranks?

  Salt Lake Bees announcer Steve Klauke tells, in person and on-air, a story recounted by Hal McCoy, longtime Dayton baseball writer, who had a stroke that virtually blinded him in both eyes. Klauke says that after the incident, McCoy was in the Cincinnati Reds locker room, fumbling around trying to do his job, when infielder Bret Boone asked him what was wrong. When McCoy told him what … Continue reading»

Let the wild rumpus begin!

Watching LeBron James pump his fists in celebration after Cleveland’s win over Golden State, Sunday, triggered a sudden observation in my mind: “Boy, are the LeBron haters going to be out in force.” He’s the best basketball player in the world, and the Cavs had just stolen a road game against the favored Warriors. He was chest bumping, shouting and generally letting the world know how he felt. … Continue reading»

The Haws basketball legacy: Not drama dads

If BYU basketball ever had a better recruiter than Marty Haws, I’d like to meet him. The former All-WAC basketball player is the father of Tyler Haws, the Cougars’ all-time leading scorer. Another son, T.J., has committed to BYU and is on an LDS mission. The elder Haws said this week that he feels “really fortunate with coach (Quincy) Lewis at Lone Peak and with Dave (Rose), in … Continue reading»