Baseball: Allow Rose to bloom

  Pete Rose says he hopes when new baseball commissioner Rob Manfred takes over, he’ll give him a second chance. The player banned for life for betting on games wants reinstatement. I don’t blame him. The ban has been in force for 25 years. But more important than that, sports have given second chances to some pretty messed up characters: Steve Howe, Ray Lewis, Darryl Strawberry, Doc Gooden, … Continue reading»

Johnny Adolescent: Grow up!

  All the talk on the radio and online on Tuesday was about Johnny Manziel gesturing with his middle finger at the Washington bench in Monday’s NFL exhibition game. Competitive guy, some people say. Stupid guy, say others. Either way, the old intimidation tricks don’t work in the NFL. Manziel had an earthbound performance for the Cleveland Browns. Manziel might think he’s just being competitive, but realistically, that … Continue reading»

Ferguson conditions bring Rodney King memories

  I’m not sure anyone that isn’t in Ferguson, Mo., knows exactly what is going on there. With the police arresting and threatening journalists, and the National Guard now entering the picture, it appears a dangerous situation. I can relate to this in a remote way. I was in Los Angeles during the Rodney King riots in 1992.  The Jazz were there for the playoffs. Since I was … Continue reading»

Bronco Mendenhall, Matt Wells: causes beyond football

  Bronco Mendenhall has often gone where most coaches don’t. He has referenced Book of Mormon warriors. Last fall initiated the slogan “Tradition, Spirit, Honor,” to be worn on their uniforms. There’s more. On Thursday he took another bold step by calling out media members by name and challenging them to donate and/or participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise funds for his favorite charity, the Holly … Continue reading»

Wiggins a star already, off the court

  Andrew Wiggins is just 19, the No.1 pick in the NBA Draft. But from what I can tell, he’s already acting like a man – which you can’t say for a lot of NBA players. It has to be hard to get the attention he has, at such a young age. But after being drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers, it appears he’s about to be traded to … Continue reading»

Sprint car tragedy avoidable

  I won’t link to the video, because it’s too disturbing. I’ll only say this: more than ever, sports need perspective. Hyper-competitiveness is considered an asset. But sometimes it kills. Sprint car racer Kevin Ward Jr. died Saturday in upstate New York after he got out of his car following a crash and walked onto the track to gesture at Tony Stewart as cars sped past. When Stewart … Continue reading»

Becky Hammon will thrive in NBA

Becky Hammon, the longtime WNBA player, has been hired as an assistant coach for San Antonio Spurs. My first worry is that things could get choppy. There is no work environment more macho than certain professional sports. Having female referees is one thing, but having a female coach might cause some friction. When Frank Layden coached the Utah Starzz, he admitted there was a big difference between the … Continue reading»

Utah QB says schedule really does matter

Remember when the rallying cry for the Utes and other “mid-major” schools was that they didn’t get the respect they deserved? They said they could only win every game on their schedule, and that should be enough. There were even lawsuits involved. Well, perspective can change quickly. One writer rated Utah’s schedule the toughest in the country this year. Now that Utah isin the Pac-12, difficulty of … Continue reading»

BYU not the only team with suspension woes

  Maybe this Jamaal Williams thing isn’t such a big deal. The BYU running back has been suspended for the Cougars’ first game, at Connecticut, because of an honor code violation. That could affect how smoothly he plays the next week against Texas. On the other hand, there’s Texas. Longhorns’ coach Charlie Strong dismissed five players, last week, for violating team rules and suspended three starters. The dismissals … Continue reading»

August football better than ever

Before social media and talk radio and super-high stakes, August was a fairly slow month for college football. Often at Ute fall camps there would only be two reporters – one from each of Salt Lake’s daily newspapers.  BYU’s press corps sometimes consisted of the Daily Herald. That was in an era when people waited for their news. Nowadays there are maybe a dozen or more reporters hanging … Continue reading»