Is BYU/Big 12 coverage overkill?

I got a civil but pointed email this morning from a reader who linked me to an article about the recently announced Beehive Basketball Classic. His point was that I had tied my column today to the never-ending subject of BYU, and its application for the Big 12. He made a good point. “This article does the Beehive Classic justice, answers the questions and doesn’t bring in the … Continue reading»

A Big 12 worry for BYU?

  An ESPN poll says Big 12 coaches favor BYU and Houston. That’s no surprise, unless maybe Cincinnati outranked Houston. It’s all lining up nicely for BYU to finally join a P-5 conference. But what would speculation be without paranoia? So I’ll toss out this tidbit: Kansas State coach Bill Snyder says at least a couple of former Big 12 schools wish they hadn’t left. Speculation is that … Continue reading»

RSL needs credential controversy behind it

Upon seeing Real Salt Lake had pulled the credential of Tribune columnist Gordon Monson, I tweeted this: Unsurprisingly, there were those who accused mainstream Utah media of circling the wagons in Monson’s defense. Fact is, it’s not as chummy among media members as it seems. The issue isn’t friendliness among those who cover teams in Utah, but the concept of denying credentials based on “fair” coverage. RSL says … Continue reading»

Aussie rules football: a fair dinkum sport

            So I’ll avoid the whole travelogue about my trip to Australia, except the part about sports. Oh, and the part where I couldn’t find a Big Gulp. Other than that, excellent place. I got to see the ‘Pies and Blues at the G. Translated, that means the Collingwood Magpies and Carlton Blues in an Australian rules football game at the fabled Melbourne Cricket Ground. Cool. I’d seen … Continue reading»

I like Skip Bayless; so sue me

  Yesterday was the last day for Skip Bayless at ESPN. The move to Fox Sports will bring him a raise, making him  — for some people — easier to dislike. Bayless has been called a jerk, loudmouth and numerous other things, even by other media members. But from what I knew of him in the 1990s, I completely disagree. I met Bayless in Dallas when he introduced … Continue reading»

LeBron didn’t need this one on his resume

Interesting tweets by Magic Johnson after the Cavs won the NBA title, Sunday night. He first applauded Cleveland with this offering: But a later tweet gave pause to some: Taking his team to a Game 7, and playing in six straight NBA Finals, probably qualified him as one of the five best players ever, regardless. ESPN in January ranked him the third-best player in history, behind Michael Jordan … Continue reading»

Shine on, Ayesha Curry

  My wife stopped reading my e-mails and letters long ago. She asked me not to show them to her. The reason was they made her fighting mad. She has never read a comment board, for the same reason. They make her want to take out the bad guys, then and there. I bring this up because I can’t get worked up over Ayesha Curry’s Twitter rant, after … Continue reading»

Expand CFB playoffs today

I saw an intriguing story on yesterday about Notre Dame being the one team that could cause major stress to the College Football Playoffs. The reason, as explained by Heather Dinich, is that the Irish don’t need a conference. Their record, against an always-impressive schedule, is proof enough — if they win enough. No conference championship necessary.        So far it hasn’t been a factor. But some … Continue reading»

Athlete and their diets: Does it matter?

Interesting story on about NBA players fighting the same battles everyone else does with calories. It goes on to say many players today are wising up to better diets. That hasn’t always been the case. In the 1960s, some NBA locker rooms would have a haze of cigarette smoke during halftime. When I was covering the Jazz in the 1990s, I remember seeing David Benoit eating a … Continue reading»

Most likely star on Ute FB this year? Look to the feet.

Utah’s Tom Hackett won the Ray Guy Award the last two years. Mitch Wishnowsky is lining up to be his successor as a punter. But the early noise this season is going to familiar Ute placekicker “Automatic” Andy Phillips.’s College Football 2016 edition lists its preseason All-American team. The only Ute to make the squad is Phillips as a placekicker. It points out his field goal efficiency … Continue reading»